You Need To Learn Poker Etiquette Before You Play!

Whether you are playing in your living room or at a casino or a poker room, the rules never change. So, the poker etiquettes should also not change and you need to observe them. These are the unspoken cardinal principles that are followed unquestionably while playing poker. It helps in running the game smoothly and fairly.  Some people get banned by not following these.

Play when your turns come

You might have got a good hand but placing a bet out of turn is not an option. You might be excited to raise the pot, but only do that when it turns. You cannot either fold your hand without turn. It will only raise the suspicions of the other players. If you have a good hand and you place your bet out of turn, you might lose the money that you could have got by waiting for others to play their turn before you and rise the pot.

poker face

Do not reveal your poker face

Real poker players never reveal their cards or talk about them once they have folded. It is tempting to watch a bluffing hand win and talk about how you would have won if you had stayed in the game. This can give other players an insight into how you play. If you reveal your strategy, they can use it to their advantage. You may also make it hard for other players to win. For instance, you are having a 7-2 and you fold. Eventually, the flop comes at 7-7-2. You might be tempted to say in the excitement that you might have had a full house, but you might be blowing a bluff for some other player. That is against the sports spirit.


Don’t show your cards

Make sure you do not reveal your cards when you fold. For instance, you were bluffing and you won, you might reveal your cards to let other players know that you are so smart. Calling your bluff is not a good way as others will know. You might not be able to win a bluff again. If you are folding your cards, do it neatly and do not just throw away them on the deck so that they might flip and roll over for everyone to see. Only reveal your cards on showdown.


Do not try to gaslight the pot

You might have watched in movies players just splashing the chips or money onto the pot. No one can really make out how much money was placed to raise the bet. Tossing the bet in the mess at the centre of the pot is not a cool move. It is way better and sophisticated to make a neat stack of your bet and then gently place it in the front of the pot.

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