What’s To Know About Playing Cards?

Cards in general have intrigued the gamblers across. Whether you are playing them in a casino, or in any environment, they are excellent in every way. However, their history is more fascinating than one can guess. They’ve been used by various societies for a variety of reasons, and that will include the gambling as well. Over the years, their position has changed, and their perception in the public sphere as well. The modern cards are much different than what we had in the past.

52-cards deck

Why is there a 52-cards deck?

The 52-cards deck is used everywhere on this planet. Irrespective of your location, the numbers of cards will be the same. That’s interesting to say the least. Most of the experts believe that the fact that the British colonialism spread across the planet, it also brought with it its version of the cards. Hence, the French version of 52-card deck. In this regard, it’s equally important to mention that the first cards were used by the chinese, and they had 32 cards in it. They used dominoes to play with. This though has changed, but certainly makes one fascinated as to how much influence the deck has had. In addition to that, the 32-card deck appeared in China in the 9th century, and they are believed to be the oldest cards.

Cards in Vegas:

Vegas is the gambling city. The cards are shuffled, and the decks are changed in minutes. The changed cards are either thrown away or sold. This will also depend on how busy the tables are, and on a busy day, the cards are thrown in an hour after changing.

Oldest cards in the world:

Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York displays the oldest cards in the world. Contrary to the popular notion, they are in good condition, and are handprinted. They come from Netherlands from the 15th century.

Checking of the cards:

Casinos are like the banks, or some say, they are more secure than them. However, it’s surprising to find out that even the decks go through checking. This is due to the fact that the decks will have to be unbiased. To check whether the cards and symbols are the same, the casinos check for indicators, and carefully examine the cards before allowing it to be on the table.



Various symbols on the cards are based on real people. They represent classes according to some, and the king of Diamonds will be Julius Caesar. British Colonialism played an important role in exposing the French deck to almost the entire world.


Over the years, cards haven’t changed a bit, they are just the same, though their popularity has gained quite a leap. They are excellent mood changers, and if you’re playing in a casino, then they offer you the best opportunity to make some extra cash. From the centre of attraction in Las Vegas to the blackjack tables, the playing cards table have also made into our living rooms. They help us to bond, enjoy, and they definitely have a fascinating history.

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