You Didn’t Know About These Names Of Hands In Card Games!

Playing cards is all about maintaining a stoic face and try not to reveal anything about your cards through any unconscious action, known as Tell. Some people make a gesture or anything else when they get a card which is either very good or very bad. Other players observing can know about your situation by observing you. Similarly, we have curated a list of intriguing rules of playing cards that we bet you didn’t know.

Most famous hands in card games

A game of poker can take 2-3 hours to finish or it might even take days. May hands may come and go in the play, but the game goes on forever! A hand becomes legendry if it wins the World Series of Poker and become a part of a legend. This is why we have created a list of the most famous games at Poker.

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Dead Man’s Hand

Wild Bill Hickock was a man of law and established gunslinger and a known poker player. On the fateful day of 2nd August 1876, he was enjoying a game of Five Card stud game. An infamous gambler entered the Nuttal and Mann’s Saloon of the U.S. Dakota Territory where Bill was playing.

He moved towards the bar on the pretence of drinking, but moved right behind Bill and shot him point-blank in the head. Bill was around 40 when he died. Whatever chips he had won and his cards skewered across the place all drenched in blood.

But he held on to his winning hand which were two black aces and two black eights. This is one of the winning hands in a five-card stud game. From this day, pair of aces and eights is known as a Dead Man’s Hand.

Calamity Jane- a pair of queens

If you have a pair of queens, whether black or red, it can bring you a nice pot in poker. A pair of queens is called ladies. As opposed to the earlier name, a derogatory term is also used. The most famous term ascribes to Calamity Jane Deadwood who was a friend of Poker player Wild Bill Hickock.

Computer Hand

The Queen Seven Off suit is called a computer hand in Texas Hold’em card game. Someone ran a simulation on IBM’s Q7 Sage computer to find out the winning probability of a hand. It was found that off-suit Q-7 was the only hand that lost and won 50% of the time. It means that at any given point of time in Texas Hold’em, the person having this hand may either be ahead or behind from two hands. You can pair it with a Queen making it more strong.

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